Many crypto projects were spawned from the best team with the best tech, and yet, their project could never kick off, or sustain itself even for a short while.

This is because they were missing a key element:

the voice of users

About Us

And that is why Univers Capital was born to help founders and crypto team truly succeed by being their best Marketing & Community strategic partner.

Not only are we a seed stage investment firm, Univers Capital helps crypto team fully connect with their target audience as well as current users to drive key performances, both short and long term.

We focus on realizing the sweet spot

Segmentation and analytic for the right targeting


Just-in-time Product optimization and improvement


Including user as well as the market behaviors

Sweet Spot

Our Key Strengths

Owning an existing

10 Millions

crypto users’
data and expanding

More than

11 Years

of experience within digital marketing space

Full accessed to over

200 KOLs

globally with further connection to local KOLs if need be


Digital Marketing Fullstack

All Social Platform (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter...)

Mini Game

Social Event

Data Analysis

Community Viral


Univers KOLs Network



Tactic Post

Media Products


Concept Arts

Web Develop

Graphic Design

3D Design (Modelling, VFX, Environment, Lighting,...)